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 How we run our service

When customers contact us for the first time we arrange a  preliminary visit to your house to meet your cat/s and learn your requirements. This is a free visit lasting about half an hour,  during which we learn about your cat's routine, their likes and dislikes, favourite places to sleep, etc, and any medical historyof which we need to be aware. We'll make a note of your vet's phone number, just in case, and also anything else which we've agreed to do, like drawing the curtains, taking in the post etc. We'll take contact details for you whilst you're away. If you have a security system, you will need to show us how this operates.


At this stage we'll take a set of house keys which  will be kept secure in a locked safe  whilst it's in our possession. Some customers are happy for us to keep their key so that arrangements can be made at short notice for cat sitting without arrangements having to be made repeatedly regarding your house key.


Indoors or Outdoors?

Some cats come and go via their own catflap. Some cats stay indoors all the time. And some have kind owners who let them in and out day and night. Clearly we can't be on hand all the time to let your cat in and out if they don't have a catflap, so generally the arrangement with customers is that if your cat has a catflap they are free to come and go whilst in our care, but if they don't then they'll stay indoors whilst you're away, and we'll take care of their litter tray for them. It's safer for them that way, rather than risk them going walkabout and us not being there 24/7 to let them in when they decide it's time to go home! They're in familiar surroundings at all times, rather than being in a strange pen at a cattery.


We then make visits over the agreed period.  We ask that you leave sufficient cat food and fresh cat litter (if applicable) in plain view. Nothing else is required.


What if my cat needs the vet whilst we're away?

You can trust us to make a decision on whether your cat needs to be seen by a vet, should an accident occur whilst you’re away, or if we judge that there has been a worsening of an ongoing medical condition held by your cat. If a visit to your local vet is deemed necessary whilst you’re away, we will pay the vet's fees and you can reimburse us on your return, together with a charge of £20 per hour to cover our time and travel costs.



When Can We Book?

We are available over most of the peak holiday periods of April to September, Easter, Christmas & New Year, school holidays and most weekends.  Therefore to avoid disappointment, you are strongly advised to check availability and make bookings as soon as you are aware of your travel dates.


Bookings are accepted for any period of time from 24 hours upwards.




We charge £11 per visit for cats living in Byfleet village, and £13 for the villages around Byfleet (to take into account our petrol costs and the time it will take to travel during times of busy traffic)  On bank holidays and at Christmas, New Year and Easter the charge is double the normal visit rate.


We ask customers to pay 25% of the fees at time of booking, with a minimum of £20, with the rest payable by the time the booking commences. Online payment is easiest for us - if this isn't possible we ask for the deposit in cash with a cheque for the balance post-dated to 4 days before you go away.

Key collection and return:  this is free for bookings of three visits or more.  For shorter bookings we charge £5 per visit to collect or return your keys.  Alternatively, you can drop them off and collect them yourself or leave a key with us.  With the latter, you have the added benefit of being able to book us at short notice in case of emergency.



We appreciate that sometimes plans go awry. If you cancel your booking at least a week prior to commencement of your booking, we are happy to return your deposit, less our admin fee.  Less than a week but more than 24 hours before, we will retain your deposit to cover our costs.  In the final 24 hours before you go away, we reserve the right to charge for the booking in full.

NB All refunds are subject to an admin fee of £20 or the value of the booking, whichever is the lesser amount. This fee is to cover admin, initial visit, key collection etc.

Referral scheme

As a loyal customer, you can earn discounts by referring us to your friends.  When a friend books and pays for us to care for their cat/s for at least a week (i.e. 7 visits), and mentions your name, you will receive a 10% discount on your next booking.


Useful Tips

It's a good idea to let your neighbours know that we will be popping in to your house so that they know you are being visitied by someone you trust. You could also tell your vet that we will be caring for your cat/s - it's up to you.




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